Andrea McQuade- Kilmarnock Trainer

Andrea is certified to teach the NovaLash Classic course and Advanced American Volume Course.

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I have been lashing for nearly 6 years. I chose to train with NovaLash as it was such a well-known brand with a great reputation. I began with classic lashes and my obsession really started to grow. I built my clientele and was constantly striving to improve myself which was really helped by the support from the NovaLash team.

I then went on to do my American volume training and have never looked back – my clients and I are obsessed with the results. My business has grown so much and since then I have travelled around the UK assisting on various trade shows passing on my lashing knowledge. I really do love to lash and can’t wait to start teaching something that I feel really passionate about and I know you will love it too.

Why did you start using NovaLash?