Zoe Nichols
Head Trainer for UK & Ireland

Bournemouth, London & Birmingham Trainer

Zoe is certified to teach the NovaLash Classic course and Advanced American Volume.


My NovaLash journey began in September 2016 when I saw an article in a leading trade magazine. I’ve previously been lashing since 2008 and my first client in my own salon on the 1st of October 2010 was lashes! Reading up, I thought the adhesive, training and support sounded too good to be true so I got myself booked on the next available class.

The next few months really changed my business. I lash everyday and my clients absolutely adore their lash visits and the wear they get from them. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my business. Now with NovaLash I’m thrilled to share my years of lashing wisdom with new aspiring Lash Techs and very excited to convert any existing Lash Techs to the NovaLash family.

See you in class!

What is your best piece of advise for new students?

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