The biggest difference between our American Volume and other volume methods is we have created a unique application method to make lashes appear more natural and to eliminate gaps from appearing in the lash line as the fans shed with the lash growth cycle. We also make the lashes super lightweight so there is never a need to take a break from wearing them, which is why we are known as the worlds 'Healthiest Lash System'. These lashes are designed to complement a women’s natural face shape and will look natural and not 'uniform' like a strip lash. 


American Volume consists of:

  • The Foundation Technique.

  • Glove/ Easy Flaring Technique.

  • Bottom Volume Lashes.

  • Multiple 3 length bonding method.

  • Customizing lashes to fit all eye shapes.

  • 1-6 Step Speed Application Method.

  • Proper Isolation techniques.

  • Creative Eye Makeup Techniques.

  • Proper Curing and Isolation Techniques.



All certified Lash Extensionists who have been:

  • Applying full sets for at least 6 months.

  • Applying full sets in 2 hours or less.

  • Extensionists who received their Certification from another Eyelash Extension Company are Eligible, but may be subject to further qualifications.



  • The class will start with a quick review of the glue and glue allergies.

  • Multi detailed step by step instructions on how to customize lash strip application.

  • The trainer will give their “tips of the trade” for creating the amazing full look they achieve with classic lashing (1 to 1) and tips on how to speed up your time. She will talk about the art of making lashes look beautiful and believable.

  • Candied Lash application a detailed eyelash strip application technique will be demonstrated.

  • Hands-on American Volume Technique on both top and bottom lashes will be taught by working on eyelash strips and then. You will practice on a model.

  • The trainer will impart business techniques to help you grow your business and at the end of the session they will demonstrate eye cosmetics that will enhance your client’s look and your work.

Classic vs American Volume.png

Classic Lashes

American Volume Lashes