American Volume

London Volume

Create Thicker, Fuller, Longer Lashes

The NovaLash American Volume technique has been perfected by Sophia Navarro, the lash extension industry’s preeminent Master Trainer and NovaLash Vice President of Global Education. The technique includes many of Sophia Navarro’s Classic Lash techniques that allow stylists to achieve a thicker, fluffier, more natural looking set of lashes in 2 hours or less along with speed techniques particularly for American Volume lashing.

JRA_NL_BA_Bianca Martinez AV Finger Fina

American Volume & London Volume extensions are applied by a licensed and NovaLash certified stylist. During an appointment, whilst the client is on the bed they will notice little, if not any, difference between the application of American or London Volume extensions to Classic extensions, until they open their eyes and see fuller, voluminous and more luxurious lashes than ever before. One of the biggest advantages that many clients will notice with American Volume extensions is that they may be able to extend the time between appointments by as much as 2 weeks and still have a lovely set of lashes. London Volume lashes are finer, lighter, but bolder, as you are able to create bigger fans with the London Volume .03 and mixed Camellia lashes.


Our latest NovaLash products are our London Volume lashes. These come in a diameter of .03, and our autoFAN mix camellia's, which come in .03, .05 or .07. 

Reduce the application time of your volume lash sets with NovaLash’s London Volume autoFAN mix camelia extensions. This autoFAN technology makes it extremely easy to make up to 15D fans with the .03 extensions, up to 8D fans with the .05 extensions, and up to 6D with the .07 extensions. The camelia design creates customized looks with multiple lengths per fan. Each row includes three different lengths, giving your lashes a more natural look. Contains a substantial amount of extensions compared to other trays to create a fuller look and lash more clients. Designed to come off the strip easily without any adhesive residue. These unique lashes allow you to make exquisite fans in less time than traditional methods.

Create beautiful, full, feathery volume the NovaLash way with a variety of lengths in color coded trays. Each tray contains 1 length/diameter/curl of extensions. Each tray has 12 rows of extensions or approximately 6000-7000 lashes depending on the diameter. Volume extensions are of a smaller diameter than Classic extensions to allow for multiple extensions to be applied to one natural lash. The American Volume extensions are made of a synthetic fiber that has a dark black color and a soft feel which will give consumers the look of a much thicker and darker lash line.